Tick Traps


Tick traps are currently unavailable, but we will be back in Mid-July 2018.

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Made in South Jersey, where we know ticks!

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$25 for 6 traps

$75 for 24 traps

Tick traps are an easy and effective way to reduce tick populations on your property.

1. Place tick tubes in wooded, or brushy areas near your yard.
2. Mice take the Permethrin-treated fibers back to their nests.
3. Ticks on the mice are exposed to the Permethrin
4. Ticks die


One 6-pack covers 1/8 acre of land.

Active ingredient: Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid based on a natural compound extracted from chrysanthemum

Permethrin has a half-life of just over one month.  Within 6 months the effectivity of the tick traps will degrade to less than 2% of it’s original amount and leaves little to no long-term residue. In order for your tick tubes to have the desired effect, you will need to distribute new tick traps every month from spring to late-fall.

Permethrin is toxic to insects like ticks, chiggers, fleas, mosquitos, and more than 55 other insects on contact. It is safe for mammals, birds, and the soil.

IMPORTANT WARNING: The active ingredient, Permethrin, will kill honey bees so DO NOT EVER use this product in an area with blooming flowers.

DO NOT EXPOSE THIS PRODUCT TO CATS.  Liquid permethrin solution is poisonous to cats.

According to toxipedia.org:
“Permethrin does not persist long in the physical environment. Its half-life in soil has been reported at 30 to 38 days, as the chemical is rapidly processed and degraded by various microorganisms. Additionally, because permethrin has a strong chemical bond to soil particles, there is little risk of it leaching into and thus contaminating groundwater. Its half-life in water is even shorter than that in soil.”

If you live in an area with high tick populations, you are at risk for tick-borne diseases like Lyme, Powassan, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Bovine’s Revenge. Tick traps can be an extremely effective tool to disrupt the life-cycle of the tick and bring your home ecosystem into balance.

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